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Online Biblical learning inspired by the Holy Spirit for those who are already in ministry and those who wish to advance in a sound knowledge of God in Jesus Christ. 

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Wise Scholars give its online courses through sponsorships/partnership with various Christian institutions worldwide. We thus train our students for the work of God only. 

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If you are looking for a Practical Theology that offers courses inspired by the Holy Spirit online, then Wise Scholars is your mentor!

Wise Scholars is essentially a bible based Forum providing Online Practical Theological and Leadership Courses. 

Courses offered by our affiliate Bible Colleges are adapted to the Church of all time and are an effective help to the spiritual development of all Christians and Leaders.

Through our very high Biblical Standard, our programs are most valued among Christian Churches and Ministries that recognize the spiritual authority of the Bible. We are preparing Christian leaders for God’s work only.

Every child of God wherever you may be you can enroll in our course program and pursue your divine goals successfully in a free environment of your own choice.

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With our online LMS we can deliver the best online distance learning. You can enrol at any time and study anywhere at your comfort. No need for a physical  campus!

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The Certificate in Ministry is an ideal starting point for students who desire to know God’s Word.


A Diploma in Ministry provides the best ministry preparation and Kingdom principles for anointed Christian life.


The Bachelor Degree prepares students for ordained ministry in the church,  and  for a wider engagement in society.

Course Details

This manual is a single course in one of several modules of curriculum which moves believers from visualizing through deputizing, multiplying, organizing, and mobilizing to achieve the goal of evangelizing

  • Duration: 12 Weeks
  • Lectures: 11
  • Skill Level: Certificate
  • Self-Tests: Online
  • Pass Percentages: 70%
  • Certificate: Yes
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Practical Theology

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About this Course:

All men live in a natural kingdom of this world.  They live in a city or village which is part of a nation.  That nation is a kingdom of the world.

In addition to the natural kingdoms of this world there are two spiritual kingdoms which exist.  Every person alive is a resident of one of these two kingdoms: The kingdom of Satan or the Kingdom of God.

This course concerns the Kingdom of God.  It introduces the two spiritual kingdoms, their  rulers, and residents.  It provides spiritual keys for gaining access to the Kingdom of God and warns of things which result in being cast out of the Kingdom.   The past, present, and future of this Kingdom are examined, Kingdom parables are explained, and its patterns and principles of living are stressed.

Introduction to the course:

Course objectives

Lesson 1:

   The Invisible Kingdoms
King of Kings

Lesson 2:

   The Kingdom: Past, Present, Future
   Keys To The Kingdom

Lesson 3:

Cast Out Of The Kingdom
   Patterns And Principles: An Introduction 

Lesson 4:

The Culture Of The Kingdom: Kingdom Principles - Part I, II, III
   Kingdom Parables 

Lesson 5:

  Ambassadors Of The Kingdom

Prof Paul Kilundu

  • PhD - Religious Studies
  • Professor at Team Impact Christian Universitry
  • Professor at Wise Scholars